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Honey Pie (Cupcake Club)

Honey Pie (Cupcake Club) by Donna Kauffman

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Mocha Chocolate Chip. . . Caramel Fudge. . .Strawberry Lemonade. . .Butter Rum. . .There's no such thing as guilt when it's another delicious bitch and bake session with the women of the Cupcake Club. . .
When Honey D'Amourvell inherits property on tiny Sugarberry Island, she's prepared to start a whole new life. Her plan is simple--make a home, open a shop, and maybe, finally, find a place to belong. But the building she now owns is leased to none other than the owner of Babycakes, which means her spot is already occupied. Honey isn't sure how to put down roots when she has nowhere to plant them. But sexy, softhearted mechanic Dylan Ross seems determined to help. He's everything she never imagined she would find in a man, and each kiss is more persuasive than the last. . .
Soon enough, Honey is another important ingredient in the spicy mix of the Cupcake Club. But will Dylan convince her that what she craves most is his love?
Recipes included!

Honey Pie (Cupcake Club, #4)Honey Pie by Donna Kauffman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a sweet little romance. Though it's about the "cupcake club", they aren't involved all that much. The story surrounds Honey and Dylan. Your typical brooding dark mystery man and a woman with a special ability. They struggle to pull each other out of their respective "caves". Having spent both their lives basically alone, to see these two characters grow through out the story is nice. But it's not fantastic. There are quite a few slow spots, or areas where it seems the author spends too much time setting up another "cupcake club" book. I would have enjoyed more detail of the main characters instead. Though, not to say the book was bad. It was quite enjoyable. If you want a sweet, plain romance, this does it.

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