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Ours (The Bears)

Ours (The Bears) by Hazel Gower

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After being dragged to the gym by her best friend to learn self-defense, Sandy is blown away by the gorgeous instructors, Jake and Zack. But they’re also Neanderthals like her brothers, so getting involved with them is off limits.

Shifter cousins, Jake and Zack are instantly captivated and aroused by the feisty redhead, which fate has brought into their lives. Rather than confess their love in the more traditional way, they break into her house, undress and show her she’s their mate in a much more physical way. 

Can Sandy resist the two men? Or will they convince her their bond and passion will still give her the freedom she craves?

Ours (The Bears, #2)Ours by Hazel Gower
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

***I'm sure this will be a spoiler***

The only thing keeping this from one star is the hot sex. I really enjoyed those parts of the book. The author knows how to make something sexy and steamy. Elsewhere? It fell flat. Too bad that same intensity couldnt' be seen throughout the book. You have a serial killer story line going on that is mentioned a few times, then at the end, bam, all wrapped up in one page. Why bother mentioning it at all? You have two men who sneak into Sandy's house, take her, and she doesn't wake up? All of a sudden it's love? The part where Sandy says Jake is holding back and she knows it, where does it show before that conversation? As if that was thrown in for filler or to attempt at giving Jake depth as a character, it seemed forced. *sigh* I had high hopes for this book. Shifters, threesomes, and more. But, the characters lacked any depth. They seemed shallow and one dimensional. It was hard to like or relate to them. The only person you really get to know and can somewhat like, is Zack. You see where he's come from, how he's developed as a person, and learn about his family.

There's editing errors, which the Publisher should have noticed. Quite a few actually. Other characters are mentioned, but if you haven't read the other books, like me, then you feel a little lost. As they are only mentioned briefly and you're left wondering what they mean. I really think this book needs a lot of work. As it stands, there's no way I would ever pay $3.99 for another one in this series.

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