Monday, June 3, 2013

Dream of Paris

Dream of Paris by Paula Martin

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~ A new story of contemporary romance from the award winning British author of Her Only Option and Changing the Future ~

Anna Richards has a dream of going to live and study in Paris, but when Matthew Carlton comes into her life, her dream changes direction. 

Attraction sparks between them, but Matt’s behaviour is strangely inconsistent. Anna is shocked when she discovers the reason and is sure there is no future for them. 

Can Paris work its magic and make her dream come true?

Dream of ParisDream of Paris by Paula Martin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is your average, run of the mill romance. Girl meets damaged boy. Boy and girl fight attraction, fail. Fall in love. Girl acts like child, instead of having a conversation like an adult. Blows things. It's a very predictable story. But it's a cute little read if you're not looking for anything overly dramatic.

Honestly, I don't like Anna. She acts like a teenager. Poor Matt gets put through the ringer by not 1 but 3 women. It's just insane. If I were him, I would wash my hands of women all together. Jumping to conclusions, over reacting, Anna is just not my type of heroine.

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