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Quality Candy: Running from the Past

Quality Candy: Running from the Past by Ava Catori

How far would you run to escape your past, and what would you sacrifice to keep a firm grip on your future? Candace Brown is about to find out.

Candace Brown had a past, one that she kept well hidden. Now that she snagged a promotion at work, she was feeling pretty good about herself - that is until Ryan enters the picture.

Ryan Gentry knows Candy's past. In fact, she's the one who took his virginity ten years ago. Seeing her again unexpectedly throws him off of his game, and he finds himself attracted to the girl he once knew.

Avoiding Ryan becomes Candace's goal, until he lands smack in her office. Can she continue to push him away when chemistry starts to brew? Accepting Ryan into her world means accepting her past, and that's one thing she's still running from.

Quality CandyQuality Candy by Ava Catori
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I liked the "thought" of this book. The "plot" of it is quite interesting, but someone else needs to write it. When I started reading this book, I thought it was great. Candy had a bit of a reputation growing up. The way she pulled her self up from a less than advantaged life, and created a new one for herself, that was admirable. The fact that she now goes slow with guys instead of bed hopping, very admirable. The book started to get interesting.

But then, the author starts to get repetitive. It seemed as if they copied and pasted some of the same paragraphs everywhere to fill the book. (I hate filler when it's just being repeated over and over) Candy thinking about how she did all the rich boys in school because of daddy issues. Candy thinking about Ryan's sister. Candy thinking about her mom or her dad. Candy thinking about Mac. (Get the point?) Yea, as redundant as those last few sentences, that's how I started to feel this book was.

Candy also lost my respect, and I feel that's the author's fault. Ok, so she had an easy reputation in high school, but what man would stick around with no sex for years? Which brings me to another complaint. The timeline. It just hops all over the place, and you're like, wait, what just happened. We seem to jump over the span of years, in the same chapter. Back to my sex complaint, Candy drags poor Ryan along by the nose, then pushes him away, and he comes right back. How can you respect the main character who's just a poor pathetic weak guy? None of the characters are really relatable once you get past the first few pages.

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