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Loving Sofia

Loving Sofia by Alina-Man

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Just before her last year of high school, Sofia Bianchi is forced by her mother to move to the States, leaving all she knows behind: her family, her friends, her safety. She knows her mom will make her life a living hell and now there’s no place to hide. Despite all, she finds solace in her new friend Ramona who is everything she’s not: confident, rich, and loved by her parents. 
After college the two friends move together and things start to look up for Sofia. However, years of verbal abuse had shattered her confidence and she doesn’t feel worthy of happiness. Every day she puts her happy face on and goes through the motions with no expectations. 
When her best friend starts dating Jonathan, Sofia doesn’t expect to fall for his best friend Mark. As time goes by her feelings for him only grow deeper but the fear of rejection keeps her from doing anything about it. 
Mark knows he shouldn’t feel this way about Sofia but sometimes the heart has a different plan. When she starts dating Bradley, he is torn between telling her how he really feels and risking their friendship. Is he ready to risk it all?

Loving SofiaLoving Sofia by Alina Man
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'll go with cons first. Yes, there are some editing issues, but not enough that you can't read the book. I would have like to know a little more background on Mark. You really get a lot on Sofia, but since there are two POV in the book, I feel we should have known more about him. The ending felt a little rushed. And, I don't see where Crazy Lisa adds anything to the story, other than filler.

Pros, this is just your sweet little romance. I whizzed through it on a Saturday afternoon. It's one of those feel-good stories that leave you smiling. Two friends in love, afraid to tell each other. Getting past my few 'annoyances' I rather enjoyed the story. If you're looking for light reading, this is it.

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