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Cossacks In Paris, a Napoleonic era novel

Cossacks In Paris, a Napoleonic era novel by Jeffrey Perren


Rebellious engineer Breutier Armande is drafted into the Grande ArmeƩ on the eve of Napoleon's 1812 Russian war campaign. On a spying mission to St. Petersburg he meets Kaarina, daughter of the counselor to Tsar Alexander I.

The pair soon fall in love -- but Kaarina is betrothed to Agripin, a brooding Cossack and a favorite of the Tsar. When she refuses him, Agripin kidnaps her, sowing a showdown to the death between the two young men.

Risking a firing squad, Breutier deserts Napoleon's army during the war. Dodging the vengeance of the world's most powerful rulers catapults him onto a perilous quest to hunt down his greatest enemy.

Interweaving the characters' personal dramas with the battles in Europe forms the core of the story. The conflict peaks at the moment when, for the first time in 400 years, foreign armies invaded France, leaving behind Cossacks in Paris.

Cossacks In ParisCossacks In Paris by Jeffrey Perren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This could be a really great Historical Fiction book. The problem is that it's so long winded, drawn out and overly detailed that it was hard to get through the book. It took forever. You have to trudge through too many boring parts to get to any of the good stuff. I think if this was cut down a little, it could be a fantastic 5 star Historical Fiction. I enjoyed the spies, war and true historical factions to the story. I think with work, toning it down, it could be an amazing story.

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