Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rhapsody (Hot Flash)

Rhapsody (Hot Flash)  by Mahalia Levey

Neveah Harris finally has her chance. Two albums in a row she’s worked with Crimson Rage’s vocalist/lead guitarist. From his perfectly styled hair to the faded jeans and tee’s he sports, she’s quickly becoming groupie fan number one.The only problem is, he doesn’t notice her dropped jaw every-time he enters the same room. Her age and weight are issues she must face in order to drum up enough courage to get his number.

Wade ‘Garrick’ Stevens is psyched to work on the newest cover for his band mates. They have a vision that only one sexy graphic artist can bring to life. The last two sold goldmines thanks to her brilliance. Underneath her professional front he senses she may be into just more than a working environment, which is just fine with him.

Years younger than her, he plans to convince her on one date. He’s sure sparks will ignite.ince her on one date. He’s sure sparks will ignite.

RhapsodyRhapsody by Mahalia Levey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a short sexy little story. I was disappointed there wasn't more to the rocker part of it. But the story line moved along well, the plot was cute. Older woman, younger famous sexy man. It made for a great story. There were a few editing errors and at times, Nevaeh's thoughts were too much. But this was a sweet little story to pass an hour or two. Wouldn't mind seeing more from this author! I was given a copy of the book, but I wouldn't pay $2.99 for 40 pages. I think that's a little steep.

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