Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Divided Hearts

Divided Hearts by Susan R Hughes

When Faye’s best friend, Jenna, is injured in a car accident, Faye is left to care for her friend's young child – expecting no help from baby Hannah's father, Simon, who has never been a part of the little girl's life. But when Jenna's former lover unexpectedly reappears, Faye learns that Jenna never told him about their child; and now that he knows of his daughter's existence, he wants nothing more than to bond with her. 

As the relationship between father and daughter grows, so does the attraction between Simon and Faye. But once Jenna recovers, they find themselves faced with a heartbreaking choice between their desire for each other and the best interests of the little girl whose future lies in their hands.  

Set in Vancouver, BC, and on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Divided Hearts takes you on an exhilarating journey through the passion, sacrifice, forgiveness and sweet surprises of discovering a love that’s meant to be.

Divided HeartsDivided Hearts by Susan R. Hughes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a decent plot, a nice touching little love story. But, I feel the author missed the mark on it. There was so much opportunity for emotional scenes, a little drama. It was too sweet. Too "Hey, I appreciate your feelings".

****Spoiler Alert****

If my BFF fell in love with my baby's daddy who was trying to do the right thing and marry me to have a family... I'd be pissed. Whether I love him or not, I'd feel slightly betrayed.

Also, the had a baby and didn't tell him has been done so much lately, you need something to jazz it up. The pieces of this story fall so neatly into place that it's boring at times. It was an ok book, it just wasn't spectacular. It's nothing I would recommend to anyone.

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