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Dead Tease (Loon Lake Mystery)

Dead Tease (Loon Lake Mystery)  by Victoria Houston

A hot August afternoon and Midwest Clinic CEO John McNeil has been working late. Working on his latest conquest, that is. Jen Williams is twenty-six, in charge of graphics for the hospital's PR division—and quite attractive in a healthy, athletic kind of way. She is quick to laugh and a little too quick to fall for guys. She is no virgin. And she is one of three women—including his wife—intimately familiar with McNeil.
When Jen's youthful body is found with a single stab wound through the heart, suspicion falls on both McNeil's wife, who insists she is being stalked, and the striking hospital physician with whom he had just ended an affair. Pressure to find the killer falls on Loon Lake Police Chief Lewellyn "Lew" Ferris and Dr. Paul "Doc" Osborne, the retired dentist and forensic dental expert whom she has deputized to help with the investigation—when they are not taking a break for fishing and other personal pursuits. When the mayor demands Lew take early retirement—and Doc has to babysit his teenage granddaughter who won't stop texting—the frustrations mount.
Desperate for a few hours off—and persuaded by Ray Pradt (a fishing guide who wears a stuffed trout on his head, so they should have known better)—to try fly fishing from kayaks, Doc and Lew find themselves in life-and-death straits on the river. This leads to an unexpected and macabre discovery that just may break the case.

Dead Tease (A Loon Lake Mystery, #12)Dead Tease by Victoria Houston
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Wow, I'm glad I didn't pay $11.99 for this book! That's insane! The book was sooooo not worth it! WOW! The plot was thin and transparent. I completely had this figured out within the first 40% of the book. So, what's the other 60%? Nothing! Every time you begin to get into the plot, it goes off on a tangent. Memories or scenes that have nothing to do with the story line. I really had to force myself to finish this book. Then the end just conveniently wraps itself up nice and neat. This book was a waste of my time!

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