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Death Is Overrated, a mystery novel

Death Is Overrated, a mystery novel by Jeffrey Perren


Professor Thomas Payne didn't intend to wind up dead on his caving vacation, and in truth he wasn't the victim. But proving his identity to the police becomes tricky after they pull his passport off the lookalike body.

Things go from bogus to baffling when a mysterious phone call at the crime scene leads to the arrest of the young scientist. His fate seems sealed when the victim's fingerprints match the professor's work visa.

Intervention by the police inspector's daughter frees Thomas to search for clues to prove his innocence. So, it's off around the UK with sculptress Terri, one jump ahead of the authorities -- and running from his estranged sociopathic father. One slip and claustrophobia will be the least of their problems.

Thomas' journey soon becomes as much about healing his troubled past as recovering his present self. Along the way, he'll battle betrayals by his envious staff, romance the rebellious artist, and suffer harrowing misadventures at historic sites in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Travel -- even to find yourself -- was never so perilous.

Death Is OverratedDeath Is Overrated by Jeffrey Perren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I feel like a good mystery should keep you guessing til the very last page. This one, it seemed we got answers early, but have no clue why. Did I miss motives? There's a lot of time spent on Thomas and Terri. Though it was sweet to have that element of romance, I wanted to good mystery. This is a good mystery, but it didn't excite me. I wasn't on the edge of my seat waiting for the hook. The book starts out with a bang, then fizzles a little, then picks back up, then fizzles. It's not just a steady pace through out. There's a lot of times I had to go back and re-read. The language or use of certain words had me confused. The author should have taken into account that people around the world may not understand some things. This wasn't a bad book. I just wish the pace had kept steady throughout. If it were to be tweeked, to where the story just keeps going instead of fizzling out a bit, it would certainly rank 4 stars.

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