Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Trinity Murders (A Topper McMullen Story)

The Trinity Murders (A Topper McMullen Story) by Jeff Dvorak

FBI profiler Topper McMullen was at the top of his craft until a mistake in judgment ended with the death of two little girls in Colorado. With his world rocked and life in disarray, Topper stepped away from his job and his girl in an effort to either right his ship or sink away into oblivion.

He narrowed his choices to surfing in the tropics, joining the police force back home or simply hiding under the covers but his decision was made for him after receiving a phone call with a plea for help. The call came from Sargent Trufant in Dallas who believed he had stumbled upon a serial killer and wanted Topper's help. 

One man trying to slay the demons from a botched FBI case while the other trying to honor the memory of his dead daughter, the two men set out in an effort to link 32 murders across three states where the only connection is Trufant's gut feeling. With secret help from FBI Technical Analyst Minnie Marlow, Topper attempts to find answers for the 32 dead girls and for himself. It's a decision which could end up costing him his life..

The Trinity Murders (A Topper McMullen Story)The Trinity Murders by Jeff Dvorak
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok, this book could have been good. Could have been. The plot Idea was interesting, but the execution was bad. This read like a horrible episode of Criminal Minds. Yes, the book seems to rip off several characters and themes of the show. Minnie was a poorly written Garcia. Each character, no matter how small a role, had a whole big back story that you got throughout the book. It took away from the story. The plot though thick, ended bleh, sort of anti-climactic. Though some parts drug on and on, others moved so quick you had to reread to understand. There were some editing errors which I could have looked past. But the whole story itself as a whole, does nothing to entice me to read more. I had to force myself to finish this. I just couldn't enjoy the story at all.

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