Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 Minutes From Home

10 Minutes From Home Episodes 1-4 by Bill Howard

Welcome to Bill Howard's 10 Minutes From Home: Episode 1 - A post-apocalyptic love story, focusing on one man's journey through a world of the undead. This is PART ONE of the eight part series. Each week a new episode will be released until the story reaches its dramatic conclusion in week 8. Here's the synopsis for Episode One:

When a viral outbreak hits Toronto, Denny Collins and his best friend Thom Washington find themselves trapped over 100 km from Denny’s home in a town called Pontypool, where his wife and daughter remain. As the streets teem with violence they must find safety, before finding a way out of the deadly metropolis.

10 Minutes From Home10 Minutes From Home by Bill Howard
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found this series interesting, but I read through it so quick, I was annoyed to have to keep switching and downloading the next one. I got 1-4 free. All together it's a good Zombie series, I just wish there was a little more meat to it. I enjoyed the parts of getting to know each character with their own chapters. I doubt I'll spend money on the rest though. I feel like they are too short for the price individually.

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