Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Last Page (A Contemporary Romantic Comedy) (Living, Loving and Laughing Again)

The Last Page (A Contemporary Romantic Comedy) (Living, Loving and Laughing Again) by Lacy Camey

Norah Johnson is at a crossroads and is in desperate need to heal after a highly publicized breakup from her major league baseball player boyfriend.

To escape, she moves to her summer home in The Hamptons with her sister and best friend where she journals, attends therapy and works on her pending clothing line all the while wondering how fast can a heart really heal. Well, it sure helps when part of the healing process involves living in a fabulous summer home on the beach with your sister and absolute BFF. The best psychologist since Good Will Hunting always helps. And then there’s the hottie, much older version of Taylor Lautner look-alike who finds your lost journal, reads it and falls madly in love with you, “the you on paper”, and is set on finding you and making you fall in love with him. 

Okay, so this can all really help! But is Norah ready to love again?

The Last PageThe Last Page by Lacy Camey
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Is this supposed to be a young adult book? Because it's definitely not something interesting for an adult. The main character Norah is selfish, petty, and really a spoiled brat. She goes through a break up and gets to spend months laying around doing nothing? What about real life? Bills, responsibility? Come on! Then, of course she meets Mr. Perfect who you think is gay by the way he acts, but isn't? I'm sorry but the men I know don't know about tea and fashion and whatever other perfect things he did. This books was so far beyond reality that it wasn't funny, it wasn't enjoyable. I'm down for chick lit, and laughing, but this book wasn't even worth the time unless you're a sixteen year old girl trying to dream about marrying a rich hot guy. There's nothing relatable in here at all to even enjoy. There's so much rambling and whining that it takes away from anything funny that could have been there.

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