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Second Chances: Complete Series

Second Chances: Complete Series by Jo Briggs

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Layla Keyes is back in England.  Much has changed in the five years since she moved to New York to pursue a modelling career - On the outside she appears independent, self-assured and enjoying running her own successful fashion label.

On the inside she is determined to take back what she lost five years ago when misunderstandings allowed a jealous third party to manipulate and interfere in destroying her relationship with Evan Carter, billionaire and all round successful business mogul.

Evan Carter has spent all that time pretending to not be affected by the loss of Layla from his life.

A twist of fate brings the two back together as they are forced to share a few days alone.

Can their love be rekindled despite the secrets they still have to confess to each other?

Parts 1 and 2 together 62k words.
*If you have read my previous books Rekindled then you may not want to purchase this book. This is an extremely revamped and professionally edited version of that story. This edition is Novella One and Two in a complete book.*

Second Chances: Complete SeriesSecond Chances: Complete Series by Jo Briggs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was ok, it was nothing spectacular. Some spots, I felt confused, like why the paparazzi were following them around, it's never fully explained. I enjoyed the drama between Evan and Layla as they try to repair a relationship that was destroyed. It's not that this is a horrible book, but a lot of repition and beating the same subject to death just made it boring for me. I couldn't fully enjoy the story. There is a sweet, endearing, past love story here. You just have to get through some of the boring stuff for it. I did find myself rooting for Layla and Evan to get together. I just wish the book as a whole had been more interesting.

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