Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Contamination Prequel (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series)

Contamination Prequel (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series)  by TW Piperbrook 

The infection starts with Frank, one of the locals at the town bar. In just a few hours, it has consumed the entire town. 

Dan Lowery, one of only four police officers in St. Matthews, soon realizes he is no match for the impending destruction. Violence and bloodshed litter the streets, and the infected roam freely. No one is safe here--not even his family. 

Somewhere, someone knows what is happening, and about the horrors to come...but is it too late?

Contamination Zero (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series)Contamination Zero by T.W Piperbrook
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The idea of this book is good. I like the fact that we see the events unfolding and that there are people responsible for this. But there's a lot I don't like.
1. Zombies stabbing people? What happened to zombies wanting to eat people? I'm not sure how I feel about zombies that still think enough to use weapons.
2. The story seems a little unorganized. I think that if it had been outlined a little better, it would have read smoother.
3. You're not given enough time to get to know the characters. I think there could have been a little bit more time put into developing them.

Now, it's not a horrible short story. I understand it's just setting up a series. But, if you're using this to introduce your series, you want people interested enough to read the next one. Though it was ok, I'm not anxious to get into the next one. Especially when it looks like the next in the series isn't much longer than this one, but's $2.99? I'll find something better to read for $3.

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