Monday, October 21, 2013

Victorian Dream

Victorian Dream by Gini Rifkin

Trelayne St.Christopher, a cosseted young English woman, dreams of falling madly in love, just like the daring women in her purloined novels. Now faced with adult responsibilities for the first time in her life, she leaps at the opportunity to manage her father's shipping business. But when Trelayne ignores her prophetic nightmares in favor of passionate daydreams, her best-laid plans go dangerously awry.

Emotionally scarred after the death of his wife, Yankee sea captain Walker Garrison bans romance from his personal manifest--shipbuilding is his only passion. The transatlantic partnership between Walker and Trelayne's father seems a grand idea until her parents are critically injured and one of Walker's crew turns up dead. On the trail of the man responsible, Walker sets sail for England. After meeting his new partner's daughter, protecting Trelayne and not falling in love with her may prove impossible.

Will he find the murderer but lose his heart?

Victorian DreamVictorian Dream by Gini Rifkin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story started out great. Action, interesting, and a decent historical. But then it started to drag on. The same things kept happening, repeating themself. I mean, one can only be taken and rescued so many times in one story before it's just redundant. It got to be boring towards the end of the book. I mean, you say that Trelayne was afraid to leave her home in England, but then in America, she's all pushy and ready to take off on her own? Contradictory? Nope, just setting up for more kidnapping. It made me dislike her character. She was continuously in peril. It bored me. I wanted to skip pages and just make sure it ended. If some of the book were taken out, and it was shortened, it would be a 4 or 5 star book. But as it is, there's just too much going on to keep someone's interest.

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