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AGAINST HER WILL by Peter Martin

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Rape is every woman’s worst nightmare, an act so vile, so devastating, it robs the victim of any sort of dignity, leaving scars that can last a. lifetime. Having family and friends rally round can make all the difference in the world. But without this support the victim may never fully recover.
Donna is such a victim. When she is brutally raped, her life comes crashing down, bringing with it memories of an unhappy childhood. Having lost everything dear to her, she almost succeeds in making the ultimate sacrifice, but for a young male nurse, who slowly helps her come to terms with the past. Just when she thinks she’s over the worst, she makes a horrifying discovery that puts her in mortal danger.

Against Her WillAgainst Her Will by Peter Martin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was quite hard for me to review this book. I felt that the in depth look as to how a person copes with rape was phenomenal. It's hard to relay the emotional battle a woman goes through. This book is full of dramatic rollercoasters, love, betrayal and loss. The problem with this that I give it only 3 stars is first, the editing. There's question marks where there should be periods and some confusing sentences. Also, even though you feel for Donna and what she went through, she's quite hard to like. At times she was overly dramatic, even bitchy. The ending, though transparent as you get further into the book, was good, but not well done. Somehow it left unresolved questions. Im not saying this was a horrible book. With some editing, maybe beta reading, it could be a lot better. For a woman, I could sympathize with the story. I just wish it were fixed up a bit.

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