Monday, October 7, 2013

One Night With a Cowboy (An Oklahoma Nights Romance)

One Night With a Cowboy (An Oklahoma Nights Romance) by Cat Johnson

One Sweet Ride. . .Oh yeah. A single look at the leggy blonde in the stands and Tucker Jenkins is ready to buck all night long. It's time to forget all about his cheating ex and his usual hands off policy. 
One Hot Night. . .
Becca Hart is an East Coast professor. Not a buckle bunny. But no degree can prepare her for the moves of the sexy bull rider she hooks up with at her first rodeo. . .or the shock of finding him at her first Oklahoma State University staff meeting. 
One Happy Ending. . .
Tuck knows it's all about holding on, no matter how wild the ride. Now he just has to convince Becca that a rough start out of the chute doesn't mean they aren't a smokin' combination. . 

One Night with a Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights, #1)One Night with a Cowboy by Cat Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It took a while for this book to actually lift off. But when it did, it was a great romance. It was super hot on the sexy scales, but hot enough that I enjoyed Tucker a lot! Becca was sweet and interesting. I love the drama, and how our cowboy turned army man put Becca through a scare. The selflessness of Tucker makes him a great man. He's not your typical cowboy. There's actually a lot more to him than first meets the eye. I really felt like, it would have been better to have more of the rodeo mixed in there. Just the beginning wasn't enough. All in all, this was a sweet sweet little romance.

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  1. I LOVE anything that Cat Johnson writes.... This was a great and fun book - with a Super Hot and Sexy cowboy - Tucker and Becca has a sweet and loving relationship!! I agree with the first writer about having more rodeo involved in the story, but I still enjoyed the book and can't wait to read Cat's new book as well! All in all I think it was interesting - kept you on your toes and you learned that there was a lot more to Tucker than first meets the eye!! I give it a 5 out of 5 as the book didn't disappoint me at all!