Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Biker Reviews

So I've picked up a few biker books lately. Let's see how they rank...

Biker Bang (Erotic Motorcycle Club Biker Romance) (Iron Disciples MC Prequel) by Eliza Stout

Biker Bang is the exciting prequel introduction to Johnny and the Iron Disciples MC featured in the top selling Joy Ride! 

Every year thousands of bikers descend upon the small town of Belmill for the annual motorcycle rally, and every year a few bad apples end up stirring up all kinds of unrest. When Chelsea sees the notorious Iron Disciples MC riding in formation down the main street, she knows there's bound to be trouble close behind. 

She's used to dealing with troublesome bikers from behind the bar, but is she ready for what Johnny, the Iron Disciples VP, has in store for her?

Biker Bang (Iron Disciples MC Prequel) (Erotic Motorcycle Club Biker Romance)Biker Bang (Iron Disciples MC Prequel) by Eliza Stout
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was really a waste of a download. 14 pages of what? Nothing. Run on sentances. No real feel for the characters. No true story created. Bartender is left alone working a bar full of bikers. Hell, I don't even remember her name, that's not good. Fights break out and she lets one of the bikers drag her into the office, then they do it. Really?! 1st... why would you leave a ton of men fighting in a bar you're responsible for? 2nd... Um, call the cops maybe?

Oh, and let's talk about the writing. .

"Those short reprieves were just enough to allow me to catch my breath, because as soon as he was back down their licking and tonguing at my honey pot my breath would catch in my throat and my whole body would start to writhe with pleasure."

-Yes, this author used their instead of there... yea, I copied this word for word from the book. Without comma's, periods, starting new sentances, this is just one long run on nothing! It ruins any mood you could have built up, because you're like, what? What did I just read?

So, don't bother. Thankfully I picked this up as a freebie.. because $2.99 for 14 pages of garbage, wow... I'm not even going to waste my $3 on the next book in this "series".

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Sons of Hellfire: Origins by Fiona Flask

Eve knows all about the Sons of Hellfire MC, and she's heard whispers about the trails of initiation. When she spots three of the Sons at the local bar, she's both attracted and afraid. She can't stop herself from staring at them. And then they notice... 

WARNING: This 2,200+ word story contains graphic language, rough sex with a dangerous biker, and explicit descriptions of sexual activity. *Intended Only for Mature Audiences 18+.* 


JT came up close to me. Close enough to breath me in. He leaned down and our lips met. His coarse stubble scratched my chin as his soft tongue entered my mouth roughly. His arm around my middle pulled me in close. My breasts pressed against his muscular chest. I felt like I was floating. 

He lifted me up into his arms and we were moving across the room. I felt myself being sat on a table of some kind. My hands reached behind and landed on felt. The pool table. And then I was lying on my back with JT on top of me. His fingers fumbled up inside my shirt and tweaked my stiff nipples. I moaned into his relentless mouth. I could feel his hard cock staining against his thick denim. I reached down to release him from his constraints. He tugged my wet panties off me and pushed my skirt up. The head of his cock met my slit. 

"You're wet, aren't you, Eve?" 

"Yes," I whispered. 

"That's my girl," he said, as he entered me. "You like to have a nice hard cock inside you, don't you?" 

Sons of Hellfire: OriginsSons of Hellfire: Origins by Fiona Flask
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Another wanna be series! As with "Biker Bang" by Eliza Stout, this book also is a waste of time. Thankfully another freebie I picked up. The thing that saved this from 1 star obscurity was that it was a little sexier. Again, a waste of time to read this when the story goes nowhere. The ending would have pissed me off if I were the character. But um, yea, if that's what you're into, right? No condoms, bad ass bikers who treat women like garbage. Eh, it wasn't even just an ok read. It was a waste of time. Why bother wasting it? Find a better MC book.

Hell, the excerpt with the blurb on Amazon, is basically the only good part in the whole damn book!

The story itself only takes up 30% of the whole damn book! Seriously, you get 70% of crap. Do not waste your time.

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The Outlaws (Erotic Motorcycle Club Biker Romance) by Honey Palomino

"Everyone has secrets, I just like to secretly discover them..."

Dixie is a fiction writer with a boring life. In order to come up with fresh material, she develops a very bad habit of following people to learn their deepest, darkest secrets. When she finds herself stalking the most dangerous members of the local motorcycle club, she witnesses far more than she bargained for.

How will the president of the MC react to finding out Dixie's been following him? Will she find the strength to admit to her own forbidden secret before it's too late?

WARNING: This 9000 word story is infused with graphic sex and intrigue, including a fiery MMF threesome. Side effects may include a racing heart beat and feverish quivering. Mature audiences, 18 and over only!

The Outlaws (Erotic Motorcycle Club Biker Romance)The Outlaws by Honey Palomino
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, forgetting the fact that it seems this author watches a lot of Sons of Anarchy (the names all seem quite familiar, some slightly varied).... I picked this up as a freebie. Thankfully! There is no way I would EVER pay $2.99 for this. It took me 30 minutes to read. Besides our main character Dixie been creepy and following people, masturbating about her stalking, that's about all this is. She follows a biker, gets caught, then tied to a bed. The biker then somewhat forced her into being watched by one of his biker brothers while he does her. Oh, but the man watching joins in and our girl Dixie is all for it. Yea, that could have been hot, if Dixie wasn't so desperate sounding when she agrees to this.

Ok, there were a few editing issues. Not much, so it's not even why I scored this so low. The book itself is why. It is more so the length, price and Dixie. I just really don't like her. She's a lonely desperate creeper. If it were a man, the world would be in an uproar, but because the peeping tom is a woman, it's sexy? No thanks. I'm disappointed. Hot cover, bleh story. Not very good at all. Plus, if you're going to chard $3 when it's not free... you need a little more meat on the bones. This story is in no way worth that much. The blurb says fiery 3some... Where's the fire?!

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