Thursday, March 13, 2014

Final Justice

Final Justice by Patricia Hagan

Vietnam war hero Luke Ballard thought his miserable childhood, ridiculed as a bastard in a small Alabama town, was behind him. Then his beloved mother, with her dying breath, reveals how she was raped by three men the night he was conceived, and he secretly vows to avenge her.

Luke runs for town sheriff and wins. It's the 60's, and his sights are not only on debasing the monsters who violated his mother, but he must confront corruption, gambling, prostitution and the KKK, rendering his own brand of justice.

Along the way, Luke meets Emma Jean, the much-abused wife of his old high-school nemesis, and falls in love.

As secret, passionate rendezvous and deadly determination turn into a maelstrom of retribution, Luke and Emma must unravel the truth to create their own final justice.

Final JusticeFinal Justice by Patricia Hagan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really couldn't get into this. Looking at the cover and synopsis, I thought that this would be a sexy read. It wasn't. Sure, there's a little romance here and there, but seeing a half dressed hot guy on the cover, usually sends a message that the book is sexy. It wasn't. The plot seems thick, but it jumps all over between characters that I found it hard to keep my interest. If you're looking for mystery, this has it. If you're looking for sexy, it doesn't. Don't let this cover mislead you.

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