Sunday, March 30, 2014

Under Currents

Under Currents by Elaine Meece

Recently paroled from prison, Caleb McGregor returns to Faith, Missouri, hoping to remember the boating accident that killed two girls and stole ten years of his life. Disowned by his brother and ostracized by the small town, Caleb has no one in his life until five year old Ally Ross wanders into his yard. Her mother, Julie Ross, a young widow with two kids, has been in every fantasy his sex-starved mind can think of. She’s also the timid girl he ignored in high school.

Regardless of the fact that Caleb McGregor caused her cousin’s death, Julie Ross befriends him and finds she’s still attracted to him. Is it because of the crush she had on the high school hottie years ago? After someone threatens her and vandalizes her boat rental business, Caleb insists she take the threats seriously. Even though it could send him back to the slammer, he assumes the role of her protector. A position he plans to keep, if someone doesn’t kill him first.

Despite their growing attraction to each other, Caleb and Julie fight their desires. Too many obstacles stand in their way. While dealing with her own problems, Julie becomes driven to clear Caleb’s name. 

But as secrets from the past begin to surface, someone who has a lot to lose wants to bury them along with the truth.

Under CurrentsUnder Currents by Elaine Meece
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book! The suspense and drama was well thought out. The story line flowed really well. The characters were well developed and enjoyable. Except Frank. I didn't like him, but no spoilers!

This storyline will keep your heart pounding and your fingers turning the pages until the very end! The romance is sweet yet sexy. I think this was a really good book!

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