Monday, March 3, 2014

Voodoo Daddy: A Virgil Jones Mystery

Voodoo Daddy: A Virgil Jones Mystery by Thomas L Scott

It has already started. The cabbie sees it. In two seconds, nine people are going to die.

As lead investigator of the Indiana State Police Major Crimes Unit, Detective Virgil Jones tackles only the toughest cases in the state and the mystery he faces this time has the city of Indianapolis on edge, near the brink of panic.

A team of serial snipers have brought their special brand of vigilante justice to the city  and with no witnesses and very little evidence, Virgil Jones and his team must find out who is at the heart of this murder mystery and stop them once and for all.

But Virgil has his own problems, both personal and professional. Among them, a backlog of crime that requires his attention, the sudden reappearance of his long lost friend who is a convicted felon, a downtown bar he co-owns with his father and he is in love with Sandy Small, one of the investigators in his unit.

With the entire population of Indianapolis at risk, it's up to Virgil and Sandy to explore the dark places of a past where nothing is quite as it seems. As the clues begin to fall in place they paint a portrait of betrayal, deceit, blood-lust and greed, and in the midst of it all, Virgil and Sandy make a personal discovery so profound it may change their lives forever.

Voodoo Daddy is a hard-boiled, police procedural, crime fiction novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is also a mystery, thriller and suspense that examines the depths of human emotions and the dark places they often lead us all. 

Voodoo Daddy (A Virgil Jones Mystery)Voodoo Daddy by Thomas L. Scott
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok, I'm definitely a reader of romance, if you look through my reviews, you'll know. But this book, wasn't supposed to be that. This was supposed to be a cop/mystery/suspenseful book. Sure, the beginning was awesome. I was really into this, ready to solve this mystery. Then we throw in a romance with an officer who works under Virgil? It wasn't even well written romance. Out of nowhere he loves her? Almost does her in the hospital because he tied her gown? *Rolls eyes* I wanted action, but not this kind. I lost interest in the book. The story line started going flat. It certainly wasn't the thrill I wanted.

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