Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Bite (Book 2) (Blood Prince)

One Bite (Book 2) (Blood Prince) by Jennifer Blackstream

Irina is determined to continue her fight for freedom. Freedom for her from her evil sorceress stepmother, and freedom for every faction in the kingdom of Dacia. Unfortunately, her stepmother isn’t about to let that happen and she’s got a poisoned apple and a glass coffin with Irina’s name on them… 

Kirill is a vampire prince determined to be a vampire king. Unfortunately, his vampiric father has no intentions of vacating the throne anytime soon and the prophecy Kirill found hinting at a “Great New Kingdom” is proving tricky to translate. It doesn’t help that the beautiful woman he found unconscious in the woods seems determined to undermine his authority at every turn. He’d kill her himself if she didn’t have the strangest gift for soothing his bloodthirsty spirit. 

Even an undead mastermind can’t foresee everything. Seven dwarves. A poison apple. A glass coffin. It’s a strange and terrifying world when events can take a turn for the better or worse with just…One Bite.

One Bite (Blood Prince, #2)One Bite by Jennifer Blackstream
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm in love with this series and this author. Every book of hers that I read, I love! In this installment, we have the Vampire Prince. He's arrogant, selfish and greedy. He wants power. Enter Irina. She's basically a mix between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I loved the bits of fairy tales woven into this story. The plot thickens as our Princes try to find a way to work together and figure out what this New Kingdom is. I'm dying to read the next one! Yay!!! You have got to read these!

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